Digital Development Project Office News
20 September 2019

Samara IT industry experts discussed the vectors of digital development of the region.

Samara region is actively involved in the implementation of the national project "Digital economy", implemented on the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

The main directions of the national project were discussed by leading experts of the Samara IT community at a round table in the new joint press center of the TV and radio company "Gubernia "and the newspaper"Volga commune". The main topic of discussion was the new principles of obtaining state and municipal services in electronic form.

"State databases already allow combining various services into a single package. The maximum number of documents a person should receive in the hospital, - said the acting Deputy Prime Minister-head of the Department of information technology and communications of the Samara region Stanislav Kazarin. - To discharge from the hospital for a newborn should not only be ready birth certificate, but also held registration at the place of residence, in various medical funds prepared documents on the necessary payments. A young mother will not have to run to different organizations to pay off part of the mortgage or receive benefits."

In addition, Stanislav Kazarin spoke about 25 super-services that in Russia will ensure human interaction with the state on the most important issues of life. For this purpose, the Samara region is actively working on the translation of archives into "digital". Databases will help in solving many issues, including those related to real estate, inheritance of property, establishment of kinship. Workbooks will be digitized in the near future. And to obtain those documents that can not yet be translated into an electronic version, remain MFC. In 3-4 years "figure" will be everywhere.

In addition, experts spoke about the most liquid digital platforms that are already operating in the 63rd region. Thus, the General Director of JSC "Irtech" Oleg Isaikin told about the educational platform of ACS RSO developed by his company, which extends far beyond the concepts of "electronic journal" and "electronic diary". This is both a distance learning module and an opportunity for parents to enroll their children in kindergartens, schools, as well as in additional education groups.

"The next stage of the introduction of digital technologies in education is the formation of the digital circuit of the student, — said the head of the project office of digital development of the Samara region Dmitry Kamynin. - Of course, this is a personal matter of the student and parents. Everything is here-physical parameters, average score in any subject, sports records, favorite games and songs. If such data is properly placed inside the system, to ensure their separate storage, then we will open up great opportunities. If, in the future, software algorithms can analyze information and make recommendations, it can help parents. After all, their task is to form a harmoniously developed personality."

Dmitry Kamynin also told how with the help of" big data " in megacities, an effective system of urban management is formed and safe and comfortable conditions for the life of citizens are created.

Director of the Institute of innovative development of Samsmu Sergey Chaplygin shared effective developments at the intersection of medicine and IT, as well as inventions. "In October, the Samara region will host "Neurotlon" - a competition for people with disabilities to control various devices using the power of thought, - said the expert. "The brain's electrical signals are picked up by special instruments and converted for the computer. On the same platform there is a neurochat project that will allow immobilized, completely paralyzed people to socialize. This is the latest development of Samara scientists."

According to Chaplygin, the Samara region is also implementing a system of unified automated document management between healthcare institutions in the region. This system, for example, in terms of radiology, will begin to work in December this year. And by 2022, all digital data-computed tomography, digital x-rays, test results-will be stored on the digital health portal. By the way, the patient himself will be able to Supplement the information with the data of his smart bracelet or any other gadget. "In Samara province telemedicine service in the direction of"Dermatology" is actively working. With an exacerbation of skin disease, it is not necessary to go to the reception — it is enough to send a photo to the doctor. But this concerns only the control of treatment. In accordance with the law on telemedicine, the initial visit to the doctor is mandatory, " Sergei Chaplygin said.

Experts particularly touched upon the topic of training in the field of information technology, which is now experiencing a shortage of qualified personnel. Stanislav Kazarin noted that digitalization will soon lead to changes in the labor market and efforts are required to retrain employees. The Samara region is ready for this: within the framework of the project "Personnel for the digital economy" 5 programs of additional education in the field of IT for humanitarians, doctors, farmers are being implemented. At the initiative of the Governor of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov, the number of budget places for IT specialties is increasing in the region's universities, the authorities support the popularization of various IT initiatives among young people. Thus, with the support of The head of the region, the 404-FEST festival was revived, popular conferences and competitions - VolgaCTF, VSFI, 404Camp, school hackathons and Olympiads are traditionally held.