Plans of Project office for digital development
of Samara region
Development of proposals
for the strategy of socio-economic development of Samara region, as well as assistance in introduction to the region mechanisms for digital transformation of both entire sectors of the economy and their individual subjects.
Creation of conditions
for active participation of professional communities in formulating the agenda and specific events of digital development of the region, including regional business. Creating a backbone for the formation of a professional community on digital transformation of various sectors of the regional economy. Involving the leading universities and enterprises of the Samara region into this process.
Working out
at least 5 projects in the field of digital economy in cooperation with regional scientific organizations and business, which are of interest to federal development institutions, large Russian organizations-leaders, interstate funds, foreign business, structures of interstate cooperation.
Development of a methodology
for the development of interdisciplinary educational programs, in cooperation with relevant specialists and organizations, on training and retraining for further implementation of projects aimed at the development of the digital economy.
Attracting investment
into existing projects and projects under development that forward the increase of the potential of digital development of the Samara region.
Development and implementation
of measures aimed at preserving long-term economic and social effect of the developed projects for the budget and residents of the region.
Targets by 2024
million per year of exports of digital and related products from the Samara region
billion rubles of investment in the region for digital development projects
leading Federal and international specialized activities assigned to the Samara region
specialists in the field of digital solutions development, annually produced in the territory of the region
qualified consumers trained in the Samara region annually